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Our Affiliates

We are Proud to Announce we are now Affliated with BellyDance.com! Click here to access the worlds largest online belly dance store. Devi Dance Studio® is working to have exclusive items only found on our website.

Devi Dance Studio® is proud to be affiliated with these wonderful businesses below. When you purchase from these establishments, we receive a small stipend or percentage that will go do help us meet our company needs. We calculate each as a monetary donation. These donations help us keep the dance studio, website, and day to day needs going to help us be a staple part of the community.

Our newest Affiliate is Wild Foods Co. Wild Foods was founded out of an obsession with finding the best ingredients in the world to support health and longevity. The Wild Mission is to empower 50 million people with the knowledge they can use to live a healthier life. Click Wild Foods Co. or the picture above to see what it is all about.

One of the things we have enjoyed being powered by Reenie.Imaging is the freedom of having our own hosting. Some web developers lock you into a bundle that limits the rights to change web providers and development services. With Reenie.Imaging they encouraged us to get our Hosting and Domain from A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is one of the top of the line host and web services providers. They offer Domain Protection, Joombla, Word Press Development, Unlimited Email Accounts, and much more. Click the banner above or Get A2 Hosting for your serivices at the introductory price of 1/2 off. You can register your web address for however long you like. Unlike some services that only offer 1 yr, A2 Hosting offers to lock in the services for 5(+) yrs.

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